For your website to rank well it needs ongoing search engine optimisation (SEO). At FatWeb our SEO experts have a variety of technical ‘ticks up their sleeves’ to ensure your site is doing as well as it possible can. Some of the ‘tricks’ include:

Auditing Your Site
The SEO experts regularly audit your website to see where it is ranking for selected keywords and key phrases. They then compare how your website is ranking compared to your competition. The audit also involves reviewing Google Analytics’ statistics to see things such as how many people are looking at your site, who they are, how long they’re staying on your site, and what they are doing, eg are they buying products.

Researching Keywords
Keywords are the words people type into search engines such as Google in order to find specific websites. Targeting keywords is essential to strong SEO. SEO experts use various keyword research tools to discover what keywords people are most likely to use, then the website can be targeted towards those keywords.

Optimising Content
Good content on your website is not just important so your website looks attractive and reads well, it’s also important for your SEO. The SEO expert makes sure the content contains the optimum number of keywords – too little could affect the site’s ranking, too many and Google will judge the site to be ‘keyword stuffing’ and will reduce the site in the rankings.

Social Media
Links to social media are an excellent way to help your SEO, plus it’s easy and it’s free – what more could you want? The SEO expert checks to make sure you are taking advantage of all the social media options available, and if you’re not advises on how to do this.

Compiling Reports
The SEO expert communicates with the client how the website is ranking and any changes that need to be done to improve its ranking. Sometimes changes are made behind the scenes and the client does not need to be involved, at other times the client will be advised to take some actions.

Regular reports are sent to the client detailing how the website is ranking, how it ranks compares to the competition, whether it is trending up or down, and how much visibility the website has.

These are just some of the things FatWeb’s SEO experts do to ensure your website ranks well, and maintains its high position on all search engines.